PriorityOne Group and PCS Partner to Serve Long Island Client

PriorityOne Group recently had the opportunity to provide services for a client on Long Island that was a referral from PCS, another managed service provider. It's truly a terrific and rewarding experience when two MSPs work together, a sentiment that is shared by Anthony Mongeluzo, president of PCS (

"While many MSPs see each other as competitors and are very protective of their processes, clients, etc., Nelson and I have shown our companies can not only help each other from an education and knowledge sharing standpoint but also with business referrals," Mongeluzo said. "I consider Nelson and his company a valued partner in the industry and hope other MSPs see that we can all truly help each other."

We feel the same about Anthony and PCS, and look forward to continuing to work together for the benefit of the clients we are fortunate to serve.

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