Updating HIPAA Business Associate Agreements: 3 Steps

PriorityOne Group’s President & CEO Nelson Gomes, along with Wiks Moffat, principal and founder of MedSafe, has contributed a new article to Physicians Practice. The article is titled “Updating HIPAA Business Associate Agreements: 3 Steps.”

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Under the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule published last January, the deadline for compliance with the new HIPAA rules was essentially Sept. 23, 2013. However, there was an exception built in to the rule for physician practices and other covered entities (CEs). This exception stated that for CEs with vendor business associate agreements (BAAs) entered on or before Jan. 25, 2013, these BAAs must be brought into compliance with the Omnibus Rule by Sept. 23, 2014.

Failure to ensure your BAAs are HIPAA compliant can lead to penalties that can devastate a medical practice financially and ruin its reputation if protected health information (PHI) is stolen.

If you have missed the Sept. 23 deadline, by the letter of the law you are out of compliance. The chance of your being audited on that is slim, and there's probably no need to panic. With that said, do not drag your feet. Pull your program together as soon as possible. By all accounts, the Office for Civil Rights is going to be increasing enforcement audits come Jan. 1, 2015, and you should be prepared.

Here are three steps practices should take to comply with the requirements of this final Omnibus Rule deadline.

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