Your Healthcare IT Budget: 7 Important Considerations

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With 2014 just around the corner, you’re likely on your way toward completing your practice’s budget for the upcoming year. But how effectively have you addressed your IT expenses in the budget? Your practice’s IT expenses will easily run thousands of dollars next year, so failure to adequately budget for IT will significantly affect your planning.
If you’re interested in determining a rough estimate of what you should budget for IT, take a look at what you spent last year. You should include services and support, voice and data telecommunications, software purchases, and hardware purchases. This will give you a general idea of where your IT budget may need to be this year.
But this is only a rough estimate. It is worth taking the time to identify – to the best of your ability – exactly what you will need to spend on IT. This process will not only help with budgeting, but also help prepare your practice for what could otherwise be unexpected IT changes.
Here are seven important IT considerations when putting together your budget.
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