10 Steps to Protect Yourself on Cyber Monday 2017

Cyber Monday — the online-only version of Black Friday that takes place today, the Monday after Thanksgiving — will be the largest online sales day of the year. Adobe is estimating that this year’s Cyber Monday will generate $6.6 billion in sales — a more than 16.5% increase over 2016.

While consumers search online for deals, cybercriminals will be working to take advantage of this increase in shoppers through a variety of activities intended to steal credit card information or install malware on computers.

Worldwide Ransomware Attack: Urgent Security Update

A severe ransomware attack known as "wannacry" has affected over 200,000 victims in over 150 countries. Here is what you need to know about wannacry and how to help keep your organization protected:

What Happened: Late last week, cybercriminals launched a massive attack using a security exploit found in Microsoft Windows.

PriorityOne Group is Your Source for Cyber Security Awareness

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Now in its 13th year, the campaign focuses on engaging and educating private and public sectors on this critical issue.

Let PriorityOne Group be your source for the latest news, guidance, tools and resources that will help protect your organization and yourself from the ever-growing threats facing cyber security.

Healthcare Providers at Risk: 10 Takeaways From Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report

Symantec recently released its 2016 Internet Security Threat Report.

The annual report (this year is its 21st edition) is intended to provide an overview and analysis of the year in global cybercrime threat activity. Data included in the report comes from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and territories.