Employee Spotlight: Nelson Gomes

Position: President and CEO

Q: Congratulations on P1's 20th anniversary! What does this milestone mean to you?

Nelson Gomes: Success is built on longevity. The past 20 years have provide a great deal of experience that allowed us to grow and thrive as a organization.

Q: Why did you establish P1 in 1997?

NG: I established P1 when I recognized a need for independent consultants after an opportunity presented itself.

Q: When you started P1, what was your vision for the company?

NG: It started off as a way for me to become independent and then I built upon it.

Q: How has your vision changed over the years?

NG: It's been a journey of many visions that have evolved over the past two decades.

Q: To what do you attribute P1's 20 years of success?

NG: First and foremost, my family, especially my wife Michele who supported me through all these years. I also attribute success to the P1 staff. I have been fortunate to surround myself with great people who took my visions and helped execute them. #WeAreP1

Q: Was there a particular moment that solidified in your mind that you made the right decision to form P1?

NG: Absolutely! It was during my time with the Baptist Health. I served as the technical lead consultant on a multi-million dollar project, working closely with senior leadership. They helped me embrace that I have the skill set required to work alongside executives on very important and highly visible projects.

Q: What is the most significant lesson you have learned over these past 20 years?

NG: Listen to everything clients say, and take their words to heart. Their questions, requests and feedback challenge us and push us to always do better. We have always placed customer service first. Without our loyal customers, we never would have made it past year one, let alone reach 20 years.

Q: What do you feel is the most significant technology development since P1's inception?

NG: Undoubtedly, the internet. It affected everything, such as how we communicate with one another, conduct research, entertain ourselves, conduct business, and shop for products and services. While there are many positives, the internet has also brought with it some negatives, such as threats to privacy and security. The internet now drives our world, and nearly everything has evolved around it.

Q: How are you celebrating 20 years?

NG: We have celebrated throughout the year with special events for our employees, clients and partners. It has been a pleasure to enjoy this milestone in our company's history with so many wonderful people.

Q: What do you think P1 will need to do in order to achieve 20 more years of success?

NG: I believe the core principles that drive our company and carried us this far will help us continue to thrive. Make sure our clients always have what they need to be successful. Stay current with the latest trends and developments in technology and security. Take care of our employees so they can be in the best position to serve our customers. Build strong relationships with business partners. Support our community as it has supported us for these past two decades. If we can continue to excel in these areas, I will remain optimistic about the future of P1.