Trivia (August 2018)

Q: 1993 — 25 years ago — was a great year in computer history! Intel's Pentium microprocessor was released. Wired magazine made its debut. Iconic games Myst and Doom were released. Apple shipped its first Newton. Mosaic, the first browser supported by a major institution, helped popularize the web.

But not everything that happened in 1993 turned out to be so positive. Which of the following also occurred that year?

A. The Morris Worm is created and becomes the first worm to spread extensively via the internet.
B. Nintendo launches the ill-fated Virtual Boy.
C. Microsoft releases the Bob interface for Windows.
D. The first online ads appeared.

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The answer is D. The first online ads appeared. As the Computer History Museum notes, O'Reilly's Global Network Navigator Web portal started running ads in 1993. As for the incorrect answers, the Morris Worm was created in 1988. Both the Virtual Boy and Bob debuted in 1995.